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Posted:September 10, 2020
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Age: 25-34 years old
3 / 5
3 / 5
Great set but...
" This is by far the toughest technic set I've ever built. While I had fun building it, the amount of disappointments I have with this set just cannot be contained. Don't get me wrong, the build is really awesome, and the finished product is really cool! Definitely the centerpiece of any Lego displays. However, my disapprovals are the same as everyone else who criticized the set.
1. Out of the 3700 pieces, I actually have only one missing piece, part number #4142236 (1x4 flat glossy black). I tried to request for the missing piece from Lego site, but the site doesn't even show that such part # exists!!! I'm not going to shell out $5 to someone for a replacement piece! So @lego, I need that last piece!
2. I noticed Step #921 is wrong. The fat 1x2 black piece (not sure what the name is) should have been reversed to allow for the white rod to be inserted.
3. My biggest gripe would be various shades of the neon green color. While it doesn't hinder the overall appeal of the model when viewing from afar. Closer look conspicuously reveals the various hues of neon color. Given that this is a $380 set plus tax of $40, totaling about $420, I expected much better quality than this Lego!
4. Given the hue differences, I'll probably hold onto my second unopened box of the Sian, and figure out a way to exchange one if in the future Lego decides to reissue this model with one uniform hue color....
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I would recommend this to a friend!
From:  United States
State:  California
Age: 25-34 years old
Purchased For: Self
Build Time:
15 hrs
Level of Difficulty:
Very Easy
Very Challenging
I would recommend this to a friend!
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