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Posted:February 12, 2021
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Age: 14-18 years old
3 / 5
3 / 5
Good Ship, Overpriced, Underwheming Figs.
" I like the look of the ship and the play features are fine enough although not my thing. But the figures are especially disapointing as Grievous is the wrong color(and too small but that not THIS sets fault exactly), Kenobi has the wrong vest(not as much as a problem for me as it is with other people but still a notable consistancy issue, and just a nameless abundent clone, dispite Cody(Kenobi's main clone sidekick who has appeared in both a movie and the show EVEN ALMOST THE SAME SCENE GRIEVOUS) still not having a single figure... and it's $80. At least they should have fixed the figures flaws and had a Cody figure AND have the set be under $65 I'm this set is a bit of a rip, but yet again I don't regret my purchase but Lego needs to clean up here. "
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From:  United States
State:  Washington
Age: 14-18 years old
Purchased For: Self
Build Time:
02 hrs
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4 / 5
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