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Posted:September 21, 2018
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Age: 55-64 years old
Building Experience:  Advanced LEGO builder
5 / 5
5 / 5
Four Seasons of Fun
" Ludo is a fun game and an easy build. There are 16 minifigures, four for each of the seasons. We enjoyed building it and then playing the game.
The grandkids like to play with the minfigs while waiting for their turn. They complained the autumn group didn’t have any accessories to play with like the other groups, and put the minfigs on the tree for fun. The minfigs kicking the pumpkin around will probably be next. ;)
The spinner for the game is a nice addition, but it either needs to be held in the hand to spin or held to the table to spin without wobbling or sliding. Our solution was to put the spinner on top of the palm tree, making it easy to see and spin. "
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From:  United States
State:  Florida
Age: 55-64 years old
Building Experience:  Advanced LEGO builder
Purchased For: Grandson
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01 hrs
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