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Posted:March 28, 2019
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Age: 25-34 years old
Customer Type:  Other
Building Experience:  Novice LEGO builder
3 / 5
3 / 5
LEGO Present
" I got this Lego set as a gift from my brother for my name day. He thought that it is good gift because i am casually playing with the game and we used to play alot with LEGO when we were children.
I have not built or played with LEGO for about 20 years.
I have enjoyed putting the set together. It makes a fine display.
However at first i thought that i have quality issue because the printing on Hanzo's chest is abit weird. It does not match the color of his face/arm. Then i found out here it is more of a common problem.
Shimada Guard
In my opinion the Shimada guard looks the best of the three. I really liked the suit printing and the facial expression. The hair piece reminded me of Elvis Presley.
The character comes with a gun accessory which is well done molded piece.
The character is beautifully done with only a few flaws.
The chest and arm missing the dragon tattoo and as i have mentioned earlier the color of the chest if abit off - looks pale.
The design on the legs and torso are spectacular. Facial expression and hair is on point.
The character comes with a quiver and bow which i did not liked at all. It is a 20years old mold from my childhood that does not represent his Storm bow in any way.
My least favourite is Genji. He has a nicely done torso and leg printing. The head is a simple metallic grey piece without facial expression or printing. The helm looks oversized like a Funko Pop set.
The figure comes with 2 shurikens which i liked but the sword on the otherhand is another 20years old mold which does not represent his Dragon Blade.
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From: Wien
From:  Austria
Age: 25-34 years old
Gender:  Male
Customer Type:  Other
Building Experience:  Novice LEGO builder
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01 hrs
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