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 Skull Warrior
Skull Warrior
Skull Warrior
Posted:July 28, 2015
Customer Avatar
Age: 14-18 years old
Customer Type:  LEGO Fan
Building Experience:  Intermediate LEGO builder
4 / 5
4 / 5
A great set, from a great line
" Today I recently bought Skull warrior, and wow was I surprised at how much I would like this set
unfortunatly, where I live the set was pretty expensive, and shop@home doesn't ship here
let me get started
a nice easy build, the complexity comes from the bow and gearbox, and I appreciate the complexity.
-New parts
The new parts are absolutely amazing, the bone piece is a solid piece, it feels strong too, the staff piece is another really cool part, with a lot of detail gone into it
the chest plate is really nice, along with the recolour of the small HF torso in silver, which is a really nice inclusion for all the sets
the best piece in this entire set to me personally, is the amazingly detailed mask, the infected mask of ice looks cool too
I am also a sucker for trans blue
-The Weapons
the spear itself is nothing special, but I do like the piece used
now, the bow
this bow is awesome, I love the parts Lego used for it, and the inclusion of the trans blue blaster is nice too
A nice amount of parts I can use for MOCing too :P
-The Execution of the idea
this is meant to be part of an army of warriors, and I think that looks nice, it does fit as an army building set, which is super cool
I like
-Trans Orange
this really annoys me on slicer, warrior, and scorpio
of course, haven't gotten the rest of the sets due to the previously mentioned price issues I have here in malta (yes I know, it says I live in italy, but there is no option for other :P)
but the orange really doesn't fit it, except for the eyes
I get it, the orange represents them being revived or something
but it really doesn't look good on it
-red pins
Dangit lego, I know you still produce them in black, so why don't you use them on more sets :P
Final Verdict:
I didn't mention the gearbox because by now, everyone knows its a great edition to this line, and I commend Lego for it
Also, can someone tell me whats with the random pin in the chest?
Is it for the combo model?
I really wish I could get all these sets for cheap, or buy them on Shop@home, but hey
at least I got the set
I give it an 8/10, probably the second/third best set of the summer wave.
I would recommend this to a friend!
From: Malta
From:  Italy
Age: 14-18 years old
Customer Type:  LEGO Fan
Building Experience:  Intermediate LEGO builder
Purchased For: Self
Build Time:
15 mins
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4 / 5
4 / 5
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5 / 5
5 / 5
I would recommend this to a friend!
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