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 Misfortune’s Keep
Misfortune’s Keep
Misfortune’s Keep
Posted:January 5, 2016
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Age: 19-24 years old
Customer Type:  LEGO Fan
Building Experience:  Expert LEGO builder
5 / 5
5 / 5
Misfortunes Keep: Review for those in doubt
" So this is it, the big set! There are most likely only two reasons a Lego Fan/A Ninjago fan would consider buying this set, which are the figs, and the steampunk airship.
Lets get right to it then, starting with the Lloyd's small flyer:
Unnecessary is what I feel about this thing. Its the first thing you build, most likely because if it was at the end of the manual no one would bother to build it. It looks unfinished, and seems to be something that was shoved into the set so that the ninja could somehow fight the gigantic airship that takes up the whole box.
Its not horrible, but I feel like Lego could have included something different than this in the set.
The mini flyer:
A small lovely flyer with fold-able wings. it has 4 stickers on it, which obviously makes it a bit irritating to build. But when its done it looks quite nice, although perhaps more pieces and details could be desired.
The Misfortunes keep:
Generally: The ship is a beautiful one, with a steam-punk feel to it that many Lego Fans probably enjoy.
The Good: It comes with hidden canons, a big flag on top of it, as well as a lovely platform to put smaller ships on. Its a sturdy ship that can fold up its engines, and has shooters hidden on it, as well as a boat in the back with cannons on it.
The bad: There are a lot of stickers on this flying machine, and if you are an experienced Lego Fan I assume I need not say anymore, but if you are not: There are small stickers that you put on here and there, as well as big ones. The big ones are fine, but the smaller ones can be irritating to get just right on the pieces.
Also, ship has, for a lack of a better word, "brown teeth" on the bottom on the platform. If you lift the ship and press your fingers against them they fall off, which is quite irritating.
Now then, here we are, reviewing the figs! The figs are most likely the reason most people wanted this set, or rather two of them: Nadakhan and Jay (with a double-sided face).
And its a good reason. While the ship itself is impressive with a steam-punk feel to it, most people would most likely not be drawn to this set be it not for Nadakhan and Jay. So lets talk about them.
Nadakhan towers above all previous villains in Ninjago, and he is quite beautiful. Sadly his green armor piece can only be put on a torso, so forget putting legs on that green armor. The rubber hairpiece falls off easily if you touch it too much, which is sad.
Something nice about it though is that you can spin the dark red mask he comes with around, so that the part that covers his mouth is on the other side. This might seem confusing to some, but in the show Nadakhan wears the red mask on his neck, as well as one around his hair. While we do not get a red mask to put around his hairpiece, the one for his head can be turned around to make him look more similar to how he looks in the show.
The chest piece has printing in both sides, but not his dark green armor. His face has only printing on the front (though I am not sure what he would have had in the back - wrinkles maybe?)
The blade he comes with is problematic: When I opened the bag I discovered that the golden blade was bent, most likely due to the fact that its thin rubber plastic. Luckily two were included, but it was still sad that one of them was bent.
Overall Nadakhan is a great figure, with
Jay: Jay is definitely a great figure, and the faces he comes with are excellent. The eye patch stretches far across his face, but you will have to turn that orange hair piece a long way to the left in order to make the blue eye patch connect with it, which will turn his whole hair side-ways.
If you put on the mask - Which is not included. Hmm. Well that is a bummer isn't it? You buy the biggest set, but no mask? Only Kai has one, while Jay and Lloyd come with hair. If you want the mask for Jay you will have to buy his elemental dragon, which is a nice set of course, but it still means that you will have to spend more money.
If you have bought sets from the previous season, where they used the same masks, you probably have one for Jay in your Lego box, you just have to get up and find it, that is all.
Now then, where was I? Oh yes, the eye patch and the mask. The mask pretty much fits perfectly with the eye-patch face, but its only barely that the eye-patch reaches the corners of the mask.
That being said, even though Jay does not come with a mask, he still has a double sided face where one has an eye-patch, and the other has him smiling with both eyes still there. An excellent figure that makes the sets price worth it.
As for the rest:
Flintlocke (bad guy with black mustache)
Is a nice figure, using the green shoulder pads, mustache and helmet with goggles in a charmingly steam-punky way that will make many happy. If there is a bad thing about him, I would almost say the orange part. They dont really blend well t´with the dark green and brown, and seem odd to have on the figures in the first place. It is most likely story related, but I feel like they would look better without them.
Bucko is a simple figure, but which nice armor that has printing on the back which is almost the same as Ronin/the ninjas Zukin outfits from season 4. He has no double-sided face, but then again this fig is one that comes in the cheapest set, so it makes sense.
Monkey wretch:
A monkey worthy of wielding Thor's hammer, and maybe our amusement? Not a lot to say about this one, maybe just that he looks like he could be Zane's per if you replaced the orange arms with silver ones, making him a silver monkey. A small addition to the set that doesn't change much, but maybe adds a little extra.
So overall:
The bad:
1. The teeth on the ship comes of easily if you try to lift the ship with your hand and press on them.
2. The Wu blade can be bent when opening the set as it is soft rubber plastic.
3. Lloyd's ship looks unfinished and uninteresting.
4. No mask for Jay or Lloyd.
The Good:
1. The figs
2. The looks of Misfortunes keep and the small flyer
3.The accessories (weapons, parts of the ship etc)
Overall: If you just want Nadakhan and Jay with an eye-patch you probably should buy them online, but if you want a set with good figs and a nice build to it, Misfortunes keep is a set that will most likely not disappoint you. "
I would recommend this to a friend!
From:  Sweden
Age: 19-24 years old
Customer Type:  LEGO Fan
Building Experience:  Expert LEGO builder
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