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Posted:August 27, 2020
5 / 5
5 / 5
Awesome Set and super fun to build
" My son is a big fan of Lego like most of the kids (and adults alike). This build was one of our biggest Lego sets and I must say that it was fun to build it. Here is our detailed review of the product:
1. It took us close to 5 hours to build the set. I guess we took a bit more time as we wanted to make sure that we don't miss out on anything important so that we need to revisit it later.
2. The set comes with all the pieces well labeled and the instruction booklet was very easy to follow.
3. The thing what astonishes you is the level of detail which goes into making the lego set. I recall that there was a part which we built wasn't a huge one but it was so detailed that it took close to 60+ pieces to make it.
4. It has got some moving parts and they add a lot of fun factor to the end product like the sails, the cannons etc.
5. It does come with lot of mini figures and my personal opinion is that a mini figure brings a life into a set, make it more human like.
Room for Improvement: One thing which I would like Lego company to think over it (a very humble suggestion) that when we build something like a room which has some parts inside it, to a naked eye, the details inside the room like furniture etc are totally hidden and unless someone opens them by removing few brick, it doesn't add much to the detailing. I am not saying that don't go for the detail but can we have some transparent bricks which will give an idea of what's inside that room without the need to remove the bricks and see inside.
Overall, a great set with lots of detailing and fun to build as well as play with. Highly recommended to a true Lego fan !! "
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