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Posted:October 30, 2019
Customer Avatar
Age: 45-54 years old
Customer Type:  LEGO Fan
Building Experience:  Expert LEGO builder
4 / 5
4 / 5
Great addition to the Ideas Fishing Store.
" I honestly only purchased this because the shrimp boat looked like a good fit with the Fishing Store Ideas set.
It is a simple build, although there are plenty of stickers to drive a perfectionist mad.
It really does not look like much without them though so I reluctantly had to put most of them on.
The result is a charming little boat which does indeed look fabulous with the Fishing Store as they both have the sand green colours on them.
I've been very disappointed not to have anything to add to that set so this was a real bonus.
I left off the 'broken glass' stickers but it is a boat that looks a little run down anyway (which fits in nicely with the Ideas set)
Two of the minifigures also go very well with the Fishing Store - the captain with his yellow hat & his mate.
I also kept the shrimp (nice idea) but added a few trans cheese wedges to match the crates on the Store.
The only change I plan to make is to replace the 'colour wheel' parts with dark brown or black as they are only relevant if you can use the app.
This would also look nice displayed on the stand/rocks portion of the set as a wreck.
If I had been keeping the 'scenery' part for my own Lego (AFOL with a focus on buildings) I would not have included the face in the flip up centre but I gave that part & the glowing monster bits to my son who has had fun incorporating them into his (predominantly Minecraft) Lego.
My son would have liked to at least try the app, but none of the phones or tablets in the house worked with it.
I do wish that the sets were more clearly shown on the box, but they are shoved aside for massive pics of the app.
We will be buying more Hidden Side sets but purely for the Lego as the app is not relevant or really of any interest to either my son or myself.
We have already gone on to buy a second set from this series (the Lab just for my son who is science crazy) & I expect to be buying more in the future.
I felt I got good value & a nice little build from this purchase.
I would recommend this to a friend!
From:  United Kingdom
Age: 45-54 years old
Gender:  Female
Customer Type:  LEGO Fan
Building Experience:  Expert LEGO builder
Purchased For: Self
Build Time:
30 mins
Play Experience (Optional)
4 / 5
4 / 5
Value for Money (Optional)
5 / 5
5 / 5
Level of Difficulty:
Very Easy
Very Challenging
I would recommend this to a friend!
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