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Posted:September 13, 2019
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Age: 65 or older years old
1 / 5
1 / 5
My Hub won’t work
" I bought this hub with a motor and Bluetooth controller to replace by faulty battery box. I also downloaded the Power Up app to use on iPhone. Fitted new batteries.
Connected to my phone and also the controller. However the lights keep blinking and every time I connect the motor the connection drops off. Tried a few times batteries out ..refitted ..turn on ..wait while Bluetooth loads 100%. As soon as you put a load on it drops out again.
Contacted via Lego chat. Did everything the guy said. Still no luck. Can this box be faulty or is it me ? Terrible start to my PowerUp experience.
Maybe someone reading this can help.
From:  United Kingdom
Age: 65 or older years old
Build Time:
10 mins
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