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Posted:April 19, 2020
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Age: 25-34 years old
Customer Type:  LEGO Parent
Building Experience:  Expert LEGO builder
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5 / 5
LEGO Zatanna & lack of women? Series 2?
" What a great series! The printing and accessories are off the wall amazing. However... there are not many female characters!
Roughly 25% of this series is female, and it’s disappointing.
And out of the 5 females, only 3 of them are first time minifigures!
As awesome as this series was, the lineup could’ve been better.
Zatanna is an all-time fan favorite, alot of DC fans grew up on BTAS so she’s an OG. And in today’s world she’s still popular among youngsters! My two daughters watch DC Superhero Girls on CN and love her, so it was shocking she isn’t included!
Hopefully there are more *NEW* **FEMALE** DC Comics minifigures coming because girls simply aren’t getting enough attention. My girls don’t want to play with the “girly” stuff, they want to be SUPER HEROES right alongside the boys!!!
LEGO has inspired so much fun and inclusive play, no doubt. But hopefully in the VERY near future, through DC sets or a potential DC Minifigure series 2.... we see more females! I propose...
1. ZATANNA - she’s sorely missing and a total fan favorite. She has been featured in EVERY DC cartoon and video game franchise! Im still not sure how she hasn’t been made yet!! She’s the most popular DC character that hasn’t been made physically yet. Whether they give her a similar appearance to her “LEGO BATMAN 2” attire or the “LEGO DC SUPERVILLAINS” New 52 attire, I know LEGO fans everywhere would be ecstatic for her!
2. STAR SAPPHIRE - expanding on the lantern theme, it would be awesome. Use the same accessories as Simon Baz & Sinestro just pink! I’m sure she’s been heavily requested along with Zatanna.
3. VIXEN - I know she’s an SDCC exclusive but we need a comic accurate one! Represent MORE COLORED women! One black female DC hero (Bumblebee) is simply not enough!
4. SILVER BANSHEE - where are the female villains?? Especially such an iconic Superman villain!
5. LIVEWIRE - more female villains! And who doesn’t want to recreate the “Girls Night Out” animated Batman episode?
6. GIGANTA - she would be perfect for a CMF! Her accessories could be those LEGO mini statue figurines.. just styled after Wonder Woman & Supergirl!
7. BIG BARDA - to go with Mr Miracle! Not as crucial as the after mentioned but definitely up there(:
Honorable mentions: Bleez, Spoiler, Black Bat/Orphan, Troia, Wonder Girl, Jesse Quick, Ms Martian, Speedy, Artemis
I only suggested 7 females, that’s not even a full half of the series, yet all of those new female minifigures would be so awesome to have! I genuinely hope LEGO reads this and heavily considers this.
Please pass the word on Customer Service team! LEGO design needs to hear!
Especially Zatanna, she’s gotta happen ASAP! Moral is: THE GIRLS WANT TO BE SUPERHEROES TOO! <3 "
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From:  United States
Age: 25-34 years old
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Customer Type:  LEGO Parent
Building Experience:  Expert LEGO builder
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